After a big storm your boat was destroyed and you are stranded on a tiny island in the pacific ocean. You have been there already for several years and kept yourself alive by foraging coconuts, fish, and other foods. You also discovered a small freshwater pond so all seems to go very well. However, there are some secrets to discover and your knowledge is needed to unlock them.

Above you see one of the simplest questions. It’s an example how we help players understand how to solve integer calculations through the use of helper videos. Since 65% of all people are visual learners we believe this is a unique method. Surely the questions will get harder as the player progresses…

A player can forage foods in the sea and on land. Clear water can be found in the pond on top of the rocks.


Are you ready to play and learn?

After a lot of hard work we are proud to introduce a prototype of our brand new educational game Survival Island! Download the game, and check it out!



Since we are still prototyping the game access to it is 100% free! However, if you would like to access the web based pre-algebra and algebra practice ground a subscription is needed. Subscriptions start at 1.99.



Survival Island uses the same type of key navigation that you are used to in other games.

  • WASD to navigate.
  • W + SHIFT to run.
  • Click TAB to popup the Asset Manager.
  • You can drag & drop all items.
  • Click V for First Person View.
  • Right Mouse Click to hide your Avatar.
  • Click E to pick up stuff.
  • Click 1 to grab your Machete.
  • Press ESC to Quit Game.

Your mouse pointer will automatically appear in case you need to answer a multiple choice question or to start a helper video.


Use demo/demo to enter the game.


If you like our idea to help kids and young adults learn stuff in a new way through gamification of education please consider a donation!